At my watt’s end……..

A slight digression from the usual drivel that I write as I lie here in the hospital waiting to have a procedure that is hopefully going to put me back on the road….both on the road to recovery and literally back on the road! After a two month diet of pills of various assorted shapes […]

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Life from my kitchen table……

It has been strange and eventful in the last few weeks, mainly with the Coronavirus or the ‘Miley Cyrus’ as the Cockneys are calling it, which is much better than Donald Trump’s disrespectful ‘Kung Flu’ reference! The Coronavirus has practically half the world in lockdown and here in Ireland we are not allowed to exercise […]

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Once more unto the breach….

Since Paris Brest there has been a bit of a hiatus in my cycling, not sure why to be honest. It definitely wasn’t the PBP ride as that was quite enjoyable, I don’t usually enjoy the Audax spins until afterwards but I did enjoy that one, well, as much as one can when they didn’t […]

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Answering the call……

Anybody who knows me knows that cycling is my passion, it has been for years, decades even. But Audax cycling is a completely different game altogether; it’s tough, it’s hard and it’s painful and as I have said before for the most part I don’t think I enjoy it. The feeling you get when you […]

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PBP and beyond……

This was going to be a simple blog about my trip to France and my attempt at the PBP 1,200 cycle but it turned out to be so much more, much much more, so strap in and I’ll begin…… Regular readers will know that this year I was attempting the Paris – Brest – Paris […]

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This will be brief…..: Facebook is a lot like Marmite; you either love it or hate it…. However, if you love it… I have a FB page set up for re-posting my blog and a few pictures from my wee spins, why not pop along and take a look, like and share…. Life from my […]

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The road to PBP…….!

It’s been quite an interesting journey so far, a tough, hard journey but a real learning curve none the less. I haven’t just learned more about cycling, but also about myself, others and an all manner of things. Firstly, let me explain a bit about Paris-Brest-Paris as I’m often asked what it is, so in […]

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