The road to PBP…….!

It’s been quite an interesting journey so far, a tough, hard journey but a real learning curve none the less. I haven’t just learned more about cycling, but also about myself, others and an all manner of things. Firstly, let me explain a bit about Paris-Brest-Paris as I’m often asked what it is, so in […]

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The Connaught 600….

I’ve ridden quite a few 200’s and 300’s over the years, I have also ridden some 400’s and a 500, but to be honest none of them could prepare me for this, my first 600k… The Connaught 600. This would be RRTY #9 and the longest of the PBP qualifiers that I have to do. The […]

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They call the wind mariah…..

Where am I going?…. I don’t know….Where am I heading …. I ain’t certain…… all I know is I am on my way…..! So it begins, another Audax, another RRTY this one being number 8, and a PBP qualifier to boot. A step up from the usual 200’s that is the Midlands 300, a supposedly […]

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Gimme Shelter 200 (RRTY #7)

Once more I find myself questioning my sanity as at silly o’clock I’m again driving in driving rain (sic) to the start of another Audax, this time its one called Gimmie Shelter; its a 200k route covering parts of East Cork and West Waterford and whilst I’ve heard the road offers stunning views along the coastline, […]

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Close but no cigar….

I’ve noticed there a lot of blogs out there about cycling long distance and Audax which recite successful rides, these I enjoy reading very much but I’m always left wondering about those people who didn’t finish and their experiences…. well this is one of those …. namely mine! The Mile Failte is a 1200 kilometre […]

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