This will be brief…..: Facebook is a lot like Marmite; you either love it or hate it…. However, if you love it… I have a FB page set up for re-posting my blog and a few pictures from my wee spins, why not pop along and take a look, like and share…. Life from my […]

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The road to PBP…….!

It’s been quite an interesting journey so far, a tough, hard journey but a real learning curve none the less. I haven’t just learned more about cycling, but also about myself, others and an all manner of things. Firstly, let me explain a bit about Paris-Brest-Paris as I’m often asked what it is, so in […]

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The Connaught 600….

I’ve ridden quite a few 200’s and 300’s over the years, I have also ridden some 400’s and a 500, but to be honest none of them could prepare me for this, my first 600k… The Connaught 600. This would be RRTY #9 and the longest of the PBP qualifiers that I have to do. The […]

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They call the wind Mariah…..

Where am I going?…. I don’t know….Where am I heading …. I ain’t certain…… all I know is I am on my way…..! So it begins, another Audax, another RRTY this one being number 8, and a PBP qualifier to boot. A step up from the usual 200’s that is the Midlands 300, a supposedly […]

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Gimme Shelter 200 (RRTY #7)

Once more I find myself questioning my sanity as at silly o’clock I’m again driving in driving rain (sic) to the start of another Audax, this time its one called Gimmie Shelter; its a 200k route covering parts of East Cork and West Waterford and whilst I’ve heard the road offers stunning views along the coastline, […]

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